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Binary Options Affiliate Programs

Starting as a Binary Options Affiliate

binary options affiliateWith the growing popularity of binary options trading globally there has never been a better time to start realizing your websites profit goals by becoming a binary options affiliate. All you need to do is go on googles trend analysis (keyword planner) and look at how the search term “binary options” has increased tremendously over the past year. Just by looking at that it should tell you that this is now becoming a larger market. Becoming a binary options affiliate is super simple for any website owner or even social media junkies with large followings. Basically binary options trading focuses on the short term price movements for different assets on the financial markets. This trading allows traders to make predictions on whether the price of an asset will go higher or lower within a set period of time. Usually that time is from 5 mins to a week.

So How does Binary Options Affiliate Programs Work?

Basically, traders need  good brokers to trade with and make money. Now the brokers requires traders as their clients. You come in and bring the two together and earn some money doing so. Binary options affiliate programs are a superb way for you to earn some good money from your internet marketing or website. The main idea is to form great partnerships to ensure your goals and needs as a advertiser. Finding a suitable affiliate program is very important to succeed. The correct partnerships and affiliate programs can truly help you reach your profit goals.

Since trading binary options gets the attention of traders who are looking for variety. Affiliate marketers must consider this and get partnered with a binary trading affiliate program that offers good diversification of assets. Doing this thus helps you to drive more converting traffic to the binary options trading sites resulting in better earnings.

Recommended Broker:

Why Should You Promote Binary Options Trading

Since the last five years binary options trading has grown extensively in popularity in South Africa and the rest of the world. Such an increase that it has overtaken the main online trading method which was Forex. These are all due to its simplistic nature and form of online trading. The binary options trading market will only be growing as more and more traders are flocking to start trading binary options.

Easy to understand. Highly accessible. 24 hour  trading. Low initial deposits. Bonuses and internet or app based trading platforms. These are but a few examples of the perks for new and professional traders to binary options. As you can see with such great benefits for traders, converting traffic is made easier.

Benefits of Been a Binary Options Trading Affiliate

As stated above. Binary options is highly appealing to all types of traders. The ease and accessibility is just increasing the interest in binary options trading all over the world. We don’t foresee that interest dropping anytime soon. In fact its only going to grow and grow. Most binary options affiliate programs are relatively young, but even so the success is just increasing thus they payouts to affiliates show this. Due to all of these factors affiliates can grow and succeed together with the brokers.

As an affiliate you will see an increase in people who are interested in binary options trading. This high interest and curious minds can allow you to drive your sites traffic to the binary options sites you are partnered too. Increasing your sites visibility and earning potential as an affiliate marketer massively. Been a binary options affiliate doesn’t need much from you and basically everything you need can be explained and provided to you by your affiliate manager. The earning potential are large.

How you Earn with a Binary Options Affiliate Program

So, there are three main commission plans/structures on how you will earn as a binary options trading affiliate. Such as:

  • CPA or Cost Per Acquisition Plan – Works in the same way as other commission structures, except that it is intended to give rewards to affiliates who refer high-quality traffic that converts, as well as frequent traffic. Affiliates using the CPA structure will get higher rates when referrals make higher deposits. Basically a reader from your site goes to a binary options site from your affiliate link, signs up and makes a deposit. You earn according to the agreed amounts with your partner.
  • The Revenue Share Plan – This commission plan is based on net revenues generated by the clients you refer. When your referrals trade more often, the revenue they generate for you is higher. Generally you earn between 25% to 35% with most partnered binary options brokers. Some can go as high as 50%. One of the most important benefits of revenue share plan is that as long as your referral continues trading, your earning stream is uninterrupted. This makes the revenue share plan a good way to generate passive income streams due to the long-term commitment of many binary options traders.
  • The Hybrid Plan – As its name suggests, this plan has the best features of both the cost per acquisition and revenue share plans. This commission structure allows you to not only earn upfront payments as in the CPA plan, but also allows you to keep earning a passive income stream from your referred traders.

Perks of BOTSA recommended programs

The partner brokers listed below all have easy payment methods for your earnings such as Paypal, Skrill, and direct transfers. Always keep in mind that your personal manager is always around to guide and help you. Also the listed programs all have the necessary tracking tools and marketing materials such as banners, flash ads and so on. So read further and sign up with these tried and trusted binary options affiliate programs below and start your online marketing journey.

To Summarize

Signing up to be a binary options affiliate is an excellent way to reach your sites profit goals or to just earn some good commissions with your regular online marketing as you don’t have to have a website to promote and earn. As a trader of the binary options market its even more beneficial as you will have unmatched support and service due to your relationship as an affiliate.

Remember choose a binary option affiliate partner that is reputable, trusted  and suits your objectives. Once that’s done and you will be on your way to increasing your earning potential. We at BOTSA have listed some of the best binary options affiliate sites below to help you on your journey of becoming an online affiliate marketer in the world of binary options trading. Further more these binary options brokers are always looking at ways to better the affiliate programs. Due to that most offer personalized commission structures also which is quite appealing.

24Option Affiliate Program

This market leading binary options site has a great CPA binary options affiliate program. The program is run through 247traffic. Extraordinary growth of this broker mirrors the growth of its affiliate program. 24Option binary option affiliate program offer great earnings and an array of tools for online marketers to use to drive conversions and create profits for you. 24Option offers a wide array of marketing materials; those materials are offered in different languages, thus allowing affiliates to tailor make their campaigns to suit various audiences. The commission and tracking facilities, as well as the account management, are some of the best on offer today. 24Option’s affiliate program gives affiliate marketers access to 24Option and GrandOption binary options brokers. Main payment methods are e-wallets but direct transfers are available liaise with your personal manager.


Banc De Binary Affiliate Program

Another highly accredited, regulated broker that has been offering safe binary options trading for years to traders from South Africa and the globe. Banc de Binary gives affiliates an easy to use dashboard which is very understandable. The partner program is on the site “house of affiliates”. The site has other broker offers also. All the necessary tools and banners you need with a range of languages in which to promote. In addition to the high CPA rates we think this is one of the best binary options affiliates out there. Need anything? Just contact your personal manager.

Banc de binary affiliates receive the best support we have seen. Together with Option FM also offered via the same program. Binary options trading continues to grow in popularity. Approval by US SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) in 2008, has simply had a positive boom on the growth of binary options trading. Secure e-wallet or direct transfers for your earnings are available.

IQoption Affiliate Program

iqaffIQoption has become a big contender in the binary options market. They done it quick and with style offering the most user friendly trading platforms, cheap entrance into the trading world  and technology advancements. Traders are quickly flocking to IQoption and that leaves a nice place for you to become an iqoption affiliate marketer. Its so easy to promote as they are safe, regulated and traders want to trade using iqoption’s trading platform and auto trading robot. This makes it so easy to earn.

With iqoption offering affiliates a very competitive 50% RevShare commission structure. This means you will earn half of the net profits for the entire lifetime of the client trading with the broker. All required marketing and promotional items are on the affiliate website and the dashboard is great and user friendly. Together with tracking and customization tools you are set.  Payment methods includes e-wallets and direct transfers.

OptionRobot Affiliate Program

With traders looking at ever more convenient ways of trading. Auto trading software is doing well in the market today. Traders no longer wish to stare at charts the whole day. Rather they are choosing software. This converts very well. The optionrobot affiliate program is on the “signals money partner website”. There are a few different auto traders to partner with on the website. CPA commission structures are on offer and easy payment methods for your earnings such as paypal. As usual just like the others listed here. Tools for marketing and to track conversions and clicks are available from the start.



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