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Beginner Binary Options Guide

binary options guideWelcome to the binary options guide. Here is a listed detailed guide on how to start trading binary options in South Africa and across the world. Furthermore, you will find some tips and tricks to make your binary options trading experience all the more pleasant and profitable. Within this guide you will find information on Industry, binary options brokers and most of all the basic how to on getting started with binary options trading. Make sure to read till the end so you don’t miss the tips on using this binary options guide.

Getting Started with The Binary Options Trading Guide

So in order to actually be able to make trades you will need to join up with a broker. Don’t stress about this cause its free to join up. Furthermore the brokers on this site have demo accounts as well as great educational material and resources.  So a binary options broker is basically an online trading platform. So you would sign up. Deposit the amount of your choice and then you will make trades based on your predictions of the financial markets via the online trading platform or mobile applications offered by the broker you choose. This binary options guide provides a list below on the safest regulated binary options brokers for South Africa and the world alike.

Recommended Binary Options Brokers: 
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*Amount to be credited to account for a successful trade. Traders can lose all capital

The Articles Of The Binary Options Guide

Binary Options Trading are a simplified method of trading the financial markets and one does not have to be a rocket scientist to understand it. However it takes a certain degree of knowledge and skill to know what you are doing and to be profitable trading this trending form of financial market trading.

Within the guide you will find  articles to help with the knowledge on the journey of successful trading :

Five Best Tips for  Binary Options Guide use

So below are some very helpful tips. They are but a few and simple. But to a beginner it is gold. Choose a recommended safe broker via the site. Follow the guide and the steps below and your journey trading binary options shall be smooth.

  1. Carefully choose your broker –  We have made it easy as we have left out the rubbish and included the top, legit, trustworthy brokers. (Bonuses are nice but make sure you read the t&c). Open a few accounts with different brokers from our list for a better variety of assets.
  2. Fill up on trading knowledge – So gather all the information and knowledge you can. Read books, news papers and trading articles to improve your all round financial market knowledge.
  3. Find a strategy – learn or create a trading strategy that suits your style of trading. Be consistent and test it on demo accounts to see how it performs. Don’t get emotional. Trading is never 100%. Don’t rely on account managers.
  4. Manage your money – Also never invest more than 5% of your initial balance on any single trade. Having a money management strategy forms part of your binary options trading strategy. Never chase losses.
  5. Invest over longer periods – Turbo trades are tempting. But try to rather follow economic events and place trades to expire over longer periods.


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