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Binary Options Strategies South Africa (2020)

binary options strategiesTraders love to know about different binary options strategies out there so we have listed but a few below…So Welcome read through and best of luck remember consistency and manage your money. Please remember try strategies and trading on demo accounts. 

By using some of these or the one you favor most you can learn how to earn trading binary options. Also if you have any you would like to add kindly comment below.

We shall share binary options strategies and great sources of info that has helped us along the journey and we trust they shall help you too.

Your capital may be at risk. This material is not investment advice.” 

  • Trading Binary Options Fundamental News Method
  • Touch Me Baby Strategy
  • Binary Simple Method

Firstly when attempting use of binary options strategies, we don’t suggest newbies to trade on short term options , rather place long term trades based on what you learn from the fundamental method using economic calendar as described below.

I usually wait for economic news that makes a high impact on the markets.

USA news works quite well as USD is paired with majority of the currencies. Especially NFP (Non-Farm Payroll) and unemployment changes(check out investopedia link below for important news to follow as a trader).

I follow the same economic calendar strategy they explain…

A) Binary Options Strategies Fundamental News Method

  • Await the news release (Economic Calendar’s)
  • Select pair on broker platform and watch the 15min chart I like trading EUR/USD, tend to change here and there playing USD/CHF pairs and USD/JPY.
  • News results released
  • Watch 15Min chart and wait for candlestick to know when to enter (candle stick you watching needs to be within area of prior candlestick,once confirmed, next candle stick above or below the previous one will signal Call or Put.
  • Place Trade 1H30Min to 4H

By following candle stick price action entry method (brilliant book that helps a lot to identify price action and momentum is CandleSticks Made Easy  invest in your education before investing into the unknown).

You are then able to catch the trend as most of the noise happened 15 to 45 mins before and you will see from the candlesticks on 15min charts (they say you can use 5 min chart too, I’ve found more success on 15 min),enter a long term trade (in binary terms at least) 1Hour 30 Min to 4 Hour, (We intend to try longer expiration times soon, on paper it went well)….should put you ITM…..

PS: don’t get too excited and enter too early, wait for the candle…..

B) Touch Me Baby Strategy

Another adaptation to the above method is the one touch exotic trades offered by a few Binary Brokers.

Basically you can not lose with this one as long as you choose to trade on the correct news, very good for a passive trader.

General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.”

This is how to do it:
  • Big economic news release soon.(eg: NFP)
  • 15 mins before news release, select the touch up, touch down trade option on your broker platform (we found 24Option to be best for this method).
  • Now select the option that pays 250% profit.
  • Choose a common pair eg: EUR/USD.
  • 10 mins before the the news release you will enter your trades.
  • You will enter a touch up and at the same time a touch down. same expiry.

So an example of what happens here is you place a $100 trade to win $250.

With the correct choice of news as below pic, you will definitely win one. resulting in a good profit anyway the price moves.

If you really lucky it might just hit both touch up and down and leaving you smiling for days (although that is rare).

The above 2 strategies works best with 24Option  due to the exotic options they offer.

Little tip, I don’t trade a pair if they both have important news within 1 to 4 hours of one another. For example, if USD has news for 14:30 and EUR has news for 16:00 then we don’t trade on EUR/USD but rather make a trade on USD/CHF at 14:30 and another trade at 16:00 on EUR/GBP. Also only trade on popular currency pairs as the news results have more impact on them.

binary options strategy newsWill share some posts on money management (Very important) and results from trading the fundamental way with some candlestick analysis to determine entry point… Using this method I place trades for one and half hour to four hour expiration times …


C) Binary Simple Method

We’ve been having some good results using  Simple Binary Options Strategies (binary options basic strategy) while testing on iqOption. 

  • Await non volatile times – no news releases in the near future
  • Opening 5min chart over 45min period
  • Place trade in direction of the opening price 45 mins ago
  • Trade expiration should be 15mins to 45mins

Go ahead try it on the demo account from  iqOption   and see how these binary options strategies fairs for you. Or just open a $10 live account and that could be the start of a new life.

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