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Iq Option Forex And New Trade Instruments


Iq option forex

To keep the platform running smoothly and new features developed, it often takes a great deal of inspiration and diligence, love to what one does and true passion. Recently, IQ Option team has gathered together to thank the IQOption stars, celebrate the past accomplishments, and plan the future trading conquests. More trading instruments for South Africa and the world. Among these:

  • They have already presented you with the NEW website;
  • our traders are now able to trade CRYPTOcurrencies (CFDs) on all devices;
  • some traders have already got a taste of IQ Option Forex;
  • there is the new trading product just around the corner!

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IQ Option is also now working on a series of cutting edge investing solutions as the time has come for investing to become available to everyone: smooth and affordable.

Will you go on this journey with us?

Digital Options

An inquisitive user will notice the similarity of Digital options with the usual binary ones. However, behind one small difference lies the endless set of new trading patterns. And that difference is strike levels. You can understand them as the entry point to the market.

Let’s draw a parallel: when trading on binary options, the strike price always equals the current position of the chart. Using Digital Options the trader has 22 available strikes in order to enter the market from the position that is most profitable for him. This gives huge scope for risk management and allows the trader to choose between risk and profitability, which was increased to 900%, and also apply many more trading strategies.

CFD (coming soon)

This is a financial instrument that allows traders to invest in an asset class without actually owning it. This means that the seller will pay the buyer the difference between the current price and the price at the “time of the contract.”

Also this asset has a multiplier. A multiplier of 300x means that if the price of an asset grows by 1%, then your return on investment will increase by 300%, but with a multiplier, your position will lose more quickly in value if the value of the asset begins to fall. But do not forget that all assets, including CFD, are so-called “protected” assets. This means that in spite of the fact that the trader’s profit may at times exceed his initial investment, the user will never be able to lose more funds than the amount of his transaction.

IQ Option Forex

Forex on the IQ Option platform differs a little from CFD mechanics wise, it can be said that the biggest difference is assets: CFD allows clients to trade on company shares, while Iq Option forex allows trading on foreign exchange markets. As with CFD, there is a multiplier up to 1000x, there is also a spread, and also a protected position, which means that even though there is unlimited profit, you can not lose more than the amount of your investment.

Essentially, Forex is a liquid market of currency pairs that react to global news, events and economic policies. This world-renowned trading tool is now fully accessible on the IQ Option, traditionally undergoing several improvements.

Forex is an excellent product for trading, as it is already familiar to a large number of users, and also has a number of advantages over other financial instruments.

Trading Forex on the IQ Option Forex platform, a trader has several advantages, for example:

  • Never lose more than what you’ve invested in one position (Protected CFD)
  • Unlimited profit
  • Real-time forex news and analysis at the highest level while making it accessible for less-experienced traders
  • Trading on the most liquid markets in the world
  • Top currency pairs
  • 24 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • Free reloadable 10,000 EUR/USD Practice account (depending on the currency of your account)
  • 1:300 leverage available**
  • Tight spreads, no commissions

*Except China

**Default multiplier is 50. In order to request x300, traders have to get a certain appropriateness rating. Leverage restrictions may apply depending on client’s circumstances and/or jurisdictions.

Crypto CFD

We left the cherry on top of the cake for the end. Cryptocurrency is perhaps the most exciting thing that has happened to the world of finance since its inception. Like a virus, more and more people not only learn, but also begin to invest and use cryptocurrencies. At the moment, cryptocurrencies are increasingly emerging in the news due to the fact that they show frightening dynamics of growth and in the protection of traditional currencies are called bitcoin bubble.

However, many leading experts predict that the technology of blocking and smart contracts will change the world and more than once will beat price records. Now IQ Option traders have a simple opportunity to invest in the 6 most popular and promising cryptocurrencies at the touch of a button, thereby opening a position for the amount of the investment that will grow and fall in price correspondingly to the rate of the selected currency.

You can also sell your position and claim profits by simply pressing the “sell” button. Given that the position you open has no expiration and can remain opened literally for years, it is possible that this trading tool IQ Option Forex will become the most profitable.

Say goodbye to Classic options

After the emergence of a more convenient and flexible tool for trading company stocks, the question arose about the appropriateness of supporting Classic options.

After a thorough evaluation of the effectiveness of Classic Options, IQ Option concluded that they did not fully comply with our high standards of quality and service, and therefore the maintenance of this tool has been suspended. Currently, new positions on Classic options can not be purchased, this tool is closed for users.

Siince the volume of trade on this instrument was no more than 0.1% on average in the system. In any case, the previously traded on classic options turnover will flow into more interesting and profitable instruments

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