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So as binary options traders we all have been through the mill of looking for winning strategies. Apparently one of them is king Delwar IQoption strategy and the traders can attempt it on demos. Please be wise guys, If its free you have nothing to lose go ahead and test it on a demo and see if it works. . . One of the main reasons I wrote this post is due to many issues and complaints of people losing they monies to such offers. Now don’t get me wrong.

NOT saying King Delwar is a cheat or like many Facebook trolls out there. He does not come across like many of the “account managers” out there who are a problem on Facebook. This is just some information so you the trader can make educated choices and decisions in a market that’s filled with scams and complaints. Binary Trading is high risk with the possibility of losing all capital invested. If you are not prepared to trade or don’t know how to trade don’t go into cause some dude has an ad or Facebook page promising the world. Educate and decide if it is for you or not.

Update: inundated with feedback that this guy is helpful from members of his group via email hence the updates. If it really is helpful to join him and the feedback relays this then its great for readers. As I feel constructive feedback provides better insights then opinions. However these were most likely initiated by him. So kindly also share your views and experiences and thoughts in the comments below please. 

So Why Share Words on King Delwar IQoption strategy for free?

Firstly there’s a huge demand for strategies as binary options trading grows. No one wants to lose money. Now I have been in the game for quite awhile and can tell you that its terrible how binary options has got such a scam tag. Also we have seen all these ads and posts on Facebook and such of great strategies on offer with the terms and conditions of signing up with a certain broker that the “trading guru” has affiliated with. King Delwar requests you to sign up via his affiliate link, deposit money and send details of same.

Once that’s done then you allowed into the group to get the strategies. He teaches and guides you on a demo and then when you ready go real. Now I get that and I can see the point something for something. The problem is that’s actually against IQ option affiliate policies. So its not right for that to be going on: here’s an extract of the affiliate rules : “Offering clients the opportunity to register using your affiliate link for a fee or for some other gain”. Anyway I do get people using his link as appreciation for what they learnt. Personally though I will not join nor do I recommend. Yeah many are supporting however many are not.

Remember strategies are not guaranteed and you may lose all capital in trading. Always practice on demo first. (update: upon the request of Mr Delwar the strategy is no longer here). If you would like further info on it you can comment.

Personally, I’m a economic calendar guy and prefer taking trades over longer periods based on economic news and conditions. Not a fan of turbo trading.

Advanced traders may use Fibonacci . Kindly comment on your experience as a group member ex group member on your experience as it helps people make informed decisions. Remember this post is not to harm or disrepute hence we kindly ask for your feedback. If King Delwar strategy is as good as the comments suggest then so be it. But your comments helps others decide.

The reason for this post is to let you see what this is about. In addition if you would like to know why I don’t use this strategy and what strategy I do use ask it on the comments or become a subscriber to find out the latest from BOTSA. Want to see more strategies? check out binary options strategies post to find out more.

 Your capital may be at risk. This material is not investment advice.”

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  • A great thing.. Learns a Lot. Wants to know more.

  • Please can you do a video.
    Really informative.
    Thank you very much.

  • Muchas gracias! Thanks a lot! Please share more…

  • Thanks the nice post, a video would be better

  • Please can you make a video on trading the news and how it works for you? Thank you.

  • You’re such an kind person. To be honest I’m a bit confuse that finally I got your real strategy. Haha… as I watch several video on YouTube chanel you’re sound like an proudly king were only will give strategy under your affiliate link. But on this site your really down to earth were you pleased everyone to know this worthy strategy. Thanks for sharing and waiting for new video !

  • Wow this is awesome,, trading is risky and strategies are not perfect but this guys sell them,, its not cool. Thanks for sharing

  • What is your strategy, please? Thanks

  • A good one, can you also let me know the strategy you are using

  • Great post and want to say thank you! I am still trying to figure out if King Dewar’s strategy is really that good or he is making more money from affiliate then actual trading…
    I was almost having the whole concept but with your post one very important piece is added to the puzzle.
    For the sake of those who don’t get it I repeat that… On 5 seconds chart you get a bar closing outside the bb into the direction of the reversal. (You need to watch out for SR levels!).

    Do you mind I link this post of yours on my own blog? Io

  • thank you for this reveal. its really work. I deal with small amount + martingale. 90% deal are successfull.
    make sure we monitor the 1m movement, and wait for reversal indicator.

  • another strategy which really work is “Trinity Strategy”. checkout this name in youtube for iq option platform. easy to understand. 100% successful but its really challenge your thirst of money. you must really patience using this strategy. but big deal will guarantee big money if u really follow the step.

  • It’s not strategy ,it’s big scammer delwar ,many people losing them money ,this is why he close the comment window on his channel Facebook ,king delwar it’s just king of scammer

  • what is the set up for BB?

  • Nice one buddy. Thanks

    helpful my friend.

    God bless

  • Awesome , this is mankind..
    Thank you very much.

  • King delwar has thought us the way i my self was a vip member before i enter his group i was doing quite ok but when he started teaching me i understood that i had no idea what i was doing. He has helped alot of professionals and amateurs, he is even opening a website to further help people and you ungrateful assholes just judge someone who is doing something good for others!

  • Hello Everyone,
    Here I found lot’s of details and screenshots about King Delwar and it speaks contrary your post Mr. Shayan Jafarzadeh. (
    Here it looks Mr Delwar style is really rusty.
    What do you think?
    I am neither on this side or the other, I am still trying to find out if Mr. Delwar is a genuine person or not, but I do not find good number of people on google or blogs, etc. who says; well, King Delwar’s strategy works for me very well…
    I am wondering why not? So it is a 60/40 for me now I think he is more of a scam then genuine.

  • Now what was Mr Delwar’s strategy? Can someone please brief me about it? or email it? something.

  • Hallow people King Delwar’s not Real name- , he lives in bangladesh but he say he is from uk lol .He lies to people by giving false dream and marketing for his own affiliate income. At first he edited iq soft by java programming and made Demo dollar like Real one.then he posted his only profitable trade with fake real dollar on youtube..Started marketing in different way,Have paid video editor and paid agent .His main income is affiliate He already made $500k+ from IQ by fooling people. he also marketing with ayrex and other broker.This is all real info coz i know how he made all this fake video and marketing .He never told how much money he makes by doing this but when i know all this i am shocked and hurt he made me fool also by saying everytime he is in short of money and afraid of future Thats all true.He never wanted i start affiliate marketing and make money .This is all reasons why i saying this here.Now he trade with real money or demo not sure to show people he make money regular by trading ,his monthly income now 70k usd avg from AFFILIATES where clients losses and he earns ,one of IQ top 10 Affiliate now .

    so people dont be fooled by this guy, He uses only support and resistance using bollinger band and 2tf charts 1min and 5 secs (confirmation chart)- in Turbo trading – basically when candle breaks top bb on 1min chart and same on 5 sec chart when you see reversal candle (red) on 5 sec chart place put for 30sec to min trade which is too risky for me .he has lots of fake id in different site for marketing however if someone doesnt believe its up to you as a muslim i swear all this true now he rich and will be more i wish by this crap works, people should know how he made himself a Fake Hero in binary world.

  • well king made his strategy free.
    visit this link

  • Thanks One truthful, as a real 60 sec trader I can say that his strategy is much too weak to be profitable on the long term. Support and resistance can be broken, candles can get stuck to this level for a few minutes and produce just tiny candles that make you lose your money. 60 sec is a difficult technique and not suitable for beginners. You need to study technical analysis and have a solid trading system that is not just based on support and resistance and bollinger bands.

  • Hello admin, i must say you have high quality content here.
    Your blog should go viral.

  • Your opinion on options trading is properly planned out, Let
    me readily share this.

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