Skrill South Africa

Skrill South Africa

So today the topic is Skrill South Africa. Majority of forex and binary Options traders are familiar with Skrill moneybookers as an ewallet. We used it to deposit and withdraw our trading funds and some. However I decided on posting an article on a recent experience when trying to withdraw funds from Skrill to my FNB account. What a mission! Anyway before going in much further lets give you a brief background on Skrill. Now please note this is not a review on Skrill but rather how its works with our local banks hence the title Skrill South Africa.


About Skrill South Africa

Skrill has been making digital payments simple, secure and quick since 2001. Previously known as Moneybookers a world-leader in developing global payment solutions for people’s business and pleasure, whether they’re depositing funds on a trading site, buying online or sending money to family and friends. Skrill met the needs of businesses worldwide, helping them build a global customer base and drive growth. Skrill is a truly global company. Based at London headquarters and offices throughout Europe and the US, Skrill staff of over 500 represents more than 30 nationalities. Many traders are looking for good ewallets. Sadly I don’t think this is one especially for readers of Binary Trading South Africa.

Skrill South Africa And FNB (First National Bank)

Using Skrill with FNB is basically impossible. recently upon trying to withdraw to my FNB account via wire transfer from Skrill It was very disappointing to find that my funds never cleared and was returned to Skrill minus charges. Tried to withdraw directly to my FNB cheque card also and same thing. When I called FNB they advised that they are having a lot of issues with Skrill as they pay with the incorrect Forex format. Hence due to that FNB returns the funds to your Skrill account. End of the day you end up paying a ton of fees and still don’t receive your money.


Fees of Skrill South Africa

The fees are actually insane due to the back and forth sending and returning of funds. to see more check this link on fees Skrill Fees.

SA Banks That Accepts and doesn’t
  • Standard Bank Yes
  • Nedbank No
  • FNB No
  • ABSA No
  • Capitec No
Note: To deposit with IQ option, you can now use above listed banks directly. No more complications with Skrill
To Conclude Skrill South Africa

The short and sweet of it is. If you live in South Africa you better of using neteller. Its accepted nationally and saves you tons of cash on charges and such. Especially for Trading you don’t want delays. So readers if you would be so kind as to add your experiences with Skrill on the comments. It will be beneficial for us all.


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  • Exactly this happened to me. I have now paid an insane amount of fees to NOT receive my money into my fnb bank account.

    • Hi Simom

      I have spoken to Skrill support who were quite efficient in resolving my problem. I sent them the email FNB sent stating the payment format used by Skrill was incorrect. They have reimbursed me for charges and assured me that they have changed the payment format they used so it shouldn’t be a problem withdrawing to bank account. However they still can’t assure me that withdrawals to visa card will work. I have not tested it though as I transferred all the funds from Skrill to Neteller and withdrew from there to my FNB bank account with no problem. Just Neteller fees.

      • The Same has happened to me but I was using a Old Mutual/Bidvest Bank VISA card. I sent them my query and I still wait for response from Skrill.

  • yeah same experience with me and fnb hey… using neteller now

  • So standard bank accepts funds from skrill without any hassles?

  • please get back to me i want to know what is happening with my skrill account is it active.

  • Thanks for this! I’ve just started trading on iq option and opened a skrill account. I haven’t made any withdrawls to FNB yet luckily. I’ll be using Neteller.

    • Cool stuff, however skrill said they have changed the format in which they pay so it should be fine. I don’t use skrill anymore I use Neteller. even though the fees are a little more.

  • I am confused now I heard people say Nedbank is fine, any recent updates guys?

    • Hi Zef
      Skrill has assured me that they have changed the payment format and it should be fine with all big banks except Capitec. Anyone with experience kindly comment.

  • Jah neh information is power, I’ve deposited into skrill, now their making me jump through hoops of verification before making another international payment, can anyone assist, how do I change my nettelleer bank card number?

    • Hi Pontsho … Go onto the site for Neteller and you can do it there. Or email support as i only ever used one card. I do remember them debiting a small amount to verify and all was good after that.
      How to deposit by credit or debit card
      Select Credit/ debit card from the Money in section of your NETELLER account. Please note that if you are unable to locate your card logo, it means we currently do not accept that type of card in your area.
      Enter the information required and the amount you want to deposit.
      Chose purpose of deposit.
      Confirm the transaction by clicking Continue. It may take several seconds for the transaction to process. Once processed, the funds will become available in your NETELLER Account right away. You are able to store up to five different credit or debit cards in your NETELLER Account. Please note that you can use credit or debit cards issued by 5 different banks. After you have deposited with credit/debit cards issued by 5 different banks you will be unable to use a credit/debit card issued by another bank for the next 365 days.

  • Hi
    Over the weekend I have been trying to login but nothing. Both my password and email address are correct but I still cannot login. I provided them with my email address for the password retrieval but don’t get an email. I deposited a lot of money and I want it back. Thus is really disappointing.

    • Hi Prudence, sorry to hear that please contact skrill support they can help. However Neteller allows you to transfer your funds directly to your neteller account at 3% fee. Perhaps you can open an account with them and transfer. How has your withdrawal experience been with skrill?

  • only got as far as setting up an account with Skrill…and then I COULD NOT LOGIN to my new account…. good thing I came across your thread…

    Neteller here I come! 🙂

    • Hi Wayne. I’m glad to have helped. you can use my link on the neteller banner above you can sign up there & help the site at the same time to help others. thanks.

  • Can I deposit money into my IQ options account directly from my capitec debit card?

  • Also does the bank charge you when you deposit money into your IQ options account using your debit card?

  • i made 2 big withdrawals from my skrill account 4months back, not knowing that FNB does not accept withdrawals from skrill.. the charges are too insane, but anyway my question is… ”Is there another way that skrill can be able to deposit my money back into my skrill account atleast since i have not received those funds i was expecting into my bank acc???”
    Because i need my money back an i really do!!! I hate the fact that it all vanished away just like that! Even after i payed so much charges on top of that.. an by the way i was e-mailed the proof of withdrawal i requested from my skrill acc, where its all written ”your funds have been processed” I have tried to recover those funds too many times now but still helpless.
    And i still have those details with me via PDF format
    I need that money deposited back via my skrill account
    This issue is now starting starting to be very very critical with me
    my number is +27

    • Hi Buddy
      Sorry to hear that. I would say email Skrill and cc the Ombud for the FCA regulatory board. Include all evidence on the email and state you would like to be reimbursed all charges as this was no fault of yours. Once they sort you out Open Neteller, you can use Neteller to transfer funds from Skrill at 3% charge. if you need more info kindly email us.

      • Evening botsa. I have a problem changing my old bank account details on neteller . I wanna add new bank details on neteller but it doesn’t direct me to the link . How do I change my details without any hassles

  • I made a withdrawal from Skrill to FNB card on the Aug 31st,on my skrill account shows processed however still not received my that mean i should wait for 7 days(is this include weekend)?.

    • Hi Stevie
      I also made a withdrawal on the 31 Aug, directly to my FNB card so waiting to see, Skrill says it takes up to 7 days to withdraw to the card so lets see. If you withdrew the same way then lets wait the 7 days. Skrill does not say 7 working days so I assume by the 7th Sep we should see our funds… Please update comment on your result. Thank you.

      • hi is it possible to withdraw funds from neteller to an absa credit card? i completed all the fields with the bank name and swift code and bank city but it gets declined, and neteller does not say why. i used swiftcode ABSAZAJJCRD and bank name ABSA BANK and bank city JOHANNESBURG.

      • Did you receive your funds from skrill and how are the charges from skrill to FNB.

  • Thanks for this thread it was very helpful

  • Morning @Botsa. When withdrawing cash from neteller to Absa or Fnb how long can it usually take to get the cash and how are the charges?

    • Hi Robs
      It usually takes 5 working days to show in your bank acc. After another failed withdraw from Skril, I transferred the funds to Neteller at 3% charge and the wire withdraw direct to my bank account cost R153.00 with Neteller.

  • Hi, I withdrew for the first time from Neteller (Bank wire transfer) to FNB after Skrill messed me around for a couple months. I paid the Neteller fees, I was just wondering as to how long it will take before the funds reflect in my account and whether FNB has any additional fees (they charged R150 from Skrill withdrawals) I withdrew on Thursday evening.

    • Hi Dax.
      I had to do the same thing after failed Skrill withdraw. usually takes 5 working days. Mine reached me in 3 working days FNB charged +-R50 also so its best to withdraw in larger amounts to save. Neteller charge a 3% fee when depositing via skrill.

  • Hi please assist. Fnb forex is asking me what is the reason for this transfer from skrill skill and giving me lots of options like investments.. gifts… loans etc and mine is from IQ option to skrill. What reason do I put on fnb.

  • Is it possible for skrill to have your funds reversed back to your skrill account after you have made a withdrawal but not receive funds due to the fact that FNB doesn’t receive withdrawals from skrill. Or skrill only reimburse the charges incurred during the withdrawal process only? Then if it does reverse the funds, what is the suggested method to have it done? Because I also made a withdrawal from my skrill account to FNB about two weeks ago but still no funds have been credited to my FNB account.

    • Hi contact Skrill support, they should reimburse your funds and charges, that’s what I done twice and it worked then I transferred it to netteller and withdrew.

  • How is Netteller with Capitec?

  • so netteler is best you guys say ? i called fnb today and they dont except netteller the lady say at the forex department

  • morning,

    I have a question…would I need to first fund my Neteller account in order to transfer fund from skrill?

    Because i have tried to make a transfer from skrill to Neteller, but was told that the transaction was declined due to some reasons, which were not communicated to me.

  • Wish i knew it was going to be a fuss withdrawing to fnb through skrill…

  • Hi
    I am intending making a deposit to IQ options,am so glad i came across this site regarding Skrill and withdrawels etc.
    I am a capitec savings acc holder. I guess this wont work with capitec. So please tell me which bank i could open a savings account with that would be compliant with neteller?
    And also how does withdrawing work? Would i get my money back into my card via neteller.
    Thanks for you feedback, as i am quite new at this but determined to give it a go!

    • Hi Vijay.
      An easy account with FNB will be fine for Neteller. I wish you all the best. Will do an article soon on Neteller which will include the withdraw process together with much more info on them. Subscribe to the site and you’ll be notified when the article is published.


  • Hi trader’s I have a problem of uploading funds from my Standard Bank account to my SKRILL account as it says contact your card issuer what can I do.

  • Hi I want to know between neteller and skrill which should i used am using fnb card

  • Hi,

    What is the best base currency to use for Neteller? I’ve set it up as ZAR but was wondering if it was perhaps best to use USD as the base. Banking with Nedbank.

  • So basically by reading the comments for capitec card users Skrill nor Neteller is preferable unfortunately i went t the bank they advised me otherwise that it shouldn’t be a hassle but it is im thinking of transferring my funds to my Neteller account i just opened but I will need to get a new card judging by the information I gather here or can try to get a standard bank card and get my funds directly from Skrill im just asking for advise.

  • I am experiencing the same issues with Skrill and Standard Bank

  • Hi.
    I have a serious problem here, kindly assist this skrill thing is getting to my nerves now. I clearly don’t understand how this thing works, I have a buyer who deposited money on skrill account and I haven’t received my funds. I was told to make payments before my money is released, so now when they are suppose to release my money I’m told the buyer has added another money. And I need to pay this money every time he adds the amount this has been happening since last week. Yesterday I was told that my money will be released today, but guess what I’m told the buyer has added another amount which I need to pay again in order for me to get my money. Please help guys what’s going on here?

  • So I am starting using iq option can I use Netteler to deposit to my credit card (absa). Is there a limit to what I can withdraw to my card? And is the 3% transaction to credit cards aswell?

  • Has skrills south african policy still not changed with FNB?
    Will i be able to withdraw funds into my FNB account?

  • Evening

    I would like to know when you transfer funds from neteller for withdrawal which is the best option via your bank account or a straight withdrawal from your neteller account?

    I live in SA.


  • Botsa can i ask. im trying to deposit with my FNB easy account , about R180 which is about $14.12 with a balance of only R200 which is about $ deposit amount accomodates neteller fees yet it keeps declining , i figure it has something to do with the amount since i passed the filling in of my card and got an otp from the bank .

    on that note i assume it could be that fnb needs to have R50 to keep the card active ??so from my balance of R200 i can then only use R150 thats left to purchase /deposit?

    please help and thak you.

  • Hi
    What about taxes, How would binary option traders pay taxes to SARS?
    Since the money made on IQ Option is offshore…

  • Hi, please advise if withdrawal from skrill to absa bank account is possible? Do I need to use a swift code for this?

  • Hi

    I Did open skrill account iyoo it took two weeks to get my money,and the charges are so high from 227usd to R2.332 i was so angry. How much does neteller charges maybe for 100usd

  • I made a withdrawal from skrill to fnb but fnb phoned me saying that they got the money but they returned it back to my skrill account because the names are not the same, its now 2months without getting my money back, fnb officials always say they will help I don’t know after how long. Its fnb Lesotho

  • Hello hope yall good

    So i opened a neteller couple of days ago and deposited $10 into it in order to start trading

    Now my problem is that now i want to deposit again in order to increase my amount it keeps saying i need to validate my neteller i did validate but same message keeps popping up i can’t do anything

    I’ve closed it and tried to open it again it says your account has been locked for security reasons
    Tried support but nothing
    Anyone with any info please help

  • Which account should i use guys regarding neteller?

    Fnb easy account or cheque account
    Same with nedbank

  • I had the same problem with skrill as FNB returned the money back to my skrill account. Wrong format and the FNB said the money was send from my own account, should be from a different name. I will change to Netteller. Thank you very much.

  • Hi. I’m so glad I came across this post. I recently opened a cheque account with FNB I had trouble linking it to my Skrill account and IQ options account. I would like to know if I will have any trouble linking it with my neteller account without any hassle?

  • Hi do people in South Africa receive skrill mastercards?

  • Hi i have a south african bank account but live in can i witdraw money the fastest way with IQ Option ?

  • Your ideas on trading are extraordinary, I am going to send many of my fans right onto your pathway.

  • Hi I withdrlawn funds on the 20th of October 2018 from shrill to my Absa standard account and its beenough more than 5 working days and still nothing… Please help.

  • Hi, I’m using Skrill and Standard Bank Visa CHEQUE. Depositing money into Skrill reflects immediately and I’ve also withdrawn from Skrill to my Cheque Account-it was $100 and it took about 3 working days to reflect on my account. The fees are not that high and am depositing $250 tomorrow.

    With Neteller I tried depositing to my Neteller account using swift code and the bank in Sweden returned it citing returned due to internal policies. My standard Bank mastercard would not work, maybe because it wasn’t a card embossed with my name.

  • Hi people.i m trying to deposit money into my NETELLER account using my standard bank account,should i choose visa eletron or visa debit ?

  • My previous comment about skrill has not been published, Skrill and Neteller are owned by the same Parent company Paysafe and are situated at the exact same address and floor. Recently I have had bad experience with Skrill , funds I deposited in March 2019 have not reflected and to date I receive zero explanation or communication from them all I got was inquiry number. Please BEWARE when dealing with them …

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