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Skrill South Africa

Skrill South Africa

So today the topic is Skrill South Africa. Majority of forex and binary Options traders are familiar with Skrill moneybookers as an ewallet. We used it to deposit and withdraw our trading funds and some. However I decided on posting an article on a recent experience when trying to withdraw funds from Skrill to my FNB account. What a mission! Anyway before going in much further lets give you a brief background on Skrill. Now please note this is not a review on Skrill but rather how its works with our local banks hence the title Skrill South Africa.


About Skrill South Africa

Skrill has been making digital payments simple, secure and quick since 2001. Previously known as Moneybookers a world-leader in developing global payment solutions for people’s business and pleasure, whether they’re depositing funds on a trading site, buying online or sending money to family and friends. Skrill met the needs of businesses worldwide, helping them build a global customer base and drive growth. Skrill is a truly global company. Based at London headquarters and offices throughout Europe and the US, Skrill staff of over 500 represents more than 30 nationalities. Many traders are looking for good ewallets. Sadly I don’t think this is one especially for readers of Binary Trading South Africa.

Skrill South Africa And FNB (First National Bank)

Using Skrill with FNB is basically impossible. recently upon trying to withdraw to my FNB account via wire transfer from Skrill It was very disappointing to find that my funds never cleared and was returned to Skrill minus charges. Tried to withdraw directly to my FNB cheque card also and same thing. When I called FNB they advised that they are having a lot of issues with Skrill as they pay with the incorrect Forex format. Hence due to that FNB returns the funds to your Skrill account. End of the day you end up paying a ton of fees and still don’t receive your money.


Fees of Skrill South Africa

The fees are actually insane due to the back and forth sending and returning of funds. to see more check this link on fees Skrill Fees.

SA Banks That Accepts and doesn’t
  • Standard Bank Yes
  • Nedbank No
  • FNB No
  • ABSA No
  • Capitec No
Note: To deposit with IQ option, you can now use above listed banks directly. No more complications with Skrill
To Conclude Skrill South Africa

The short and sweet of it is. If you live in South Africa you better of using neteller. Its accepted nationally and saves you tons of cash on charges and such. Especially for Trading you don’t want delays. So readers if you would be so kind as to add your experiences with Skrill on the comments. It will be beneficial for us all.


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